Contributed by Mona Eberle, Naturopathic Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist and Neurofeedback Clinician.

One of my first and most common observations on our Neurofeedback client’s brain maps, is elevated delta brain wave activity, which is linked to inflammation in the brain. Delta is a slow brain wave that is most active at night when we are in an unconscious state, where it helps to heal, repair and detoxify the brain.  During the day, delta should run low, however in most clients we find high levels of delta indicating chronic inflammation – think of it as a “brain on fire”.

Everyone is talking about inflammation these days! We have identified cellular inflammation at the root cause of most diseases today, whether they are expressed in our bodies or in the brain. There are many drivers of this cellular inflammation, but in the majority of times, they are directly related to our dietary and lifestyle choices.  It’s all the things we choose to do -or fail to do- such as smoking, drinking too much, taking recreational drugs or even a cocktail of medical drugs, not getting enough exercise, poor sleep habits and eating an ultra processed diet.  These bad habits are damaging to the brain and ultimately decrease brain function.  They also increase our likelihood of developing chronic, degenerative diseases, such Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Did you know that many Doctors refer to Alzheimer’s as Type III Diabetes or Diabetes of the brain?  Once again all fingers point to our to our dietary and lifestyle choices! To decrease your level of inflammation and risk of disease, we always address nutrition and lifestyle factors in conjunction with the Neurofeedback training. This leads to not only to a better training outcome, a lowering of the delta brain waves, but also an overall improvement in our client’s health and well being. We help you put out that fire in the brain!

Another common driver of chronic inflammation and irregular brain wave activity are head injuries and concussions, even if they happened years ago. Think back for a moment…  Did you ever bang your head, slip on ice, suffer a whiplash in a car accident, or get a head injury in a sporting incidence?  These head injury can start a cascade of inflammation in the brain that is difficult to stem and they can contribute to health complications throughout your lifetime.  I recently reviewed a study that linked concussions with the onset of depression! Neurofeedback, along with an anti-inflammatory diet and supplementation, is an excellent tool to help correct these abnormal brain waves and to help guide them back into healthy patterns.  Best to treat a brain injury or concussion with Neurofeedback as soon as possible!

Neurofeedback is a gentle, easy, and fun way to help normalize irregular brain waves.  Through regular training, we can lower delta brain wave activity and improve cognitive function.  Lower inflammation means less anxiety and depression, better memory, and improved attention and focus.  Who does not need that?

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Mona Eberle