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Neurofeedback is a non-invasive and drug-free method actually backed by scientific research and the medical establishment.

Neurofeedback (or Neurointegration) therapy is a groundbreaking approach to wellness that is gaining popularity with doctors and wellness specialists. Hosted by Mona Eberle and Kristine Stein, holistic practitioners at Total Health.

Come and see how neurofeedback can help you. Hear about the neurofeedback process, history and advances.

Common conditions addressed with neurofeedback therapy

Many psychological issues are associated with abnormal brainwave patterns. If you signal the brain through photic stimulation lights, the brain will learn to make healthy brainwave patterns through guided feedback. Continuous feedback retrains the brain to reduce unhealthy activity and stay within healthy ranges.

Re-training unhealthy brainwave patterns often improve or eliminate symptoms of:

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