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Chronic depression is characterized by extended feelings of sadness, with a loss of interest in hobbies, activities and can frequently impact normal relationships with friends and family. According to the NIMH, depression is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. If you or someone you know is suffering with depression, we may be able to help. Without the use of mind-altering medications, many of which are accompanied by a host of unwanted side effects.

What can cause chronic depression?

There is much research that shows that depression is neurological, not psychological. Certain brain patterns are frequently linked to depression. Therefore, training the brain through neurofeedback has a powerful ability to improve depression symptoms by regulating brainwaves.

How does neurofeedback improve depression symptoms?

Neurofeedback therapy works by teaching the brain to build healthy, new neural connections, decreasing the asymmetry of brain wave distribution, bringing it more into balance.

Most case of depression can be related to imbalances in the Alpha-Beta distribution in the brain itself. As a result, training the brain with neurofeedback can produce significant improvement by reducing these imbalances.

Neurotherapy begins by observing and analyzing your brainwaves with a Brain Map or qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram). With this data, we create a personal training protocol designed to re-train your brain to help restore it to a healthier, more balanced function.

What types of results can be expected?

Typically, our clients with depression report a “lightening of their mood”. As the neurofeedback training progresses, this is accompanied by a decrease in the negative self-talk, and a gradual change in their overall outlook. These new, healthier emotions are due to the improved brainwave balance that neurofeedback helps to create.

Do the results last?

Neurofeedback works by helping your brain develop new, healthier neural pathways. These pathways remain long after your last training session. Think of it as learning how to ride a bike- once you learned how you simply don`t forget. The new pathways created during your training sessions work the same way. Once you learn, your brain will maintain the new, more balance brainwave patterns on its own, eliminating the cause of the depressed feelings at the source.

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