Chronic pain can be a condition of the brain that incorrectly processes signals from the body. When you cut your finger, your body sends signals to your brain and your brain interprets the pain. However in some cases with chronic pain, the brain is interpreting pain, but there are no painful conditions occurring in the body. Another possible explanation could be tension in the body that causes headaches, muscle aches and spasms. In both cases, neurofeedback (NFB) can help train the brain to reinterpret messages from the body, or relax the body.

The brain is essentially in charge of everything in regards to pain in the body, i.e. how severely it’s perceived and where the pain is occurring. Pain is not an absolute measure and it varies according to what’s going on in your brain. Depending on how the brain interprets incoming signals from the body, it may not be correctly scaled to the actual injury. In order to effectively treat this cycle, we must redefine how the brain interprets nerve impulses and allow the sensitivity to return to normal.

NFB brain training monitors brain activity and can help control central nervous system activity. It is a painless, medication-free and non-invasive therapeutic technique used in correcting a variety of conditions. During a training session, brain waves are monitored and tracked. This way, the practitioner can view the patterns of the brain waves, identify what is wrong in those patterns and help retrain the brain waves in order to get relief or alleviate symptoms.

NFB therapy has been identified as a technique that assists in breaking the chronic pain cycle, leading to decreased or even elimination of chronic pain. NFB training focuses on teaching the brain how to regulate itself. With chronic pain, the brain pays too much attention to the internal and external world and can become over-sensitized. Learning to control these brain waves through NFB therapy can affect the underlying patterns of brain wave behavior and help return your brain’s pain sensitivity to normal.

NFB therapy has been utilized to correct numerous conditions other than chronic pain, such as anxiety, depression, learning disorders, memory loss, insomnia and ADHD. It incorporates some of the latest industry technology and ultimately has been a fascinating and effective treatment alternative to pain management medications and prescriptions. If you’re interested in finding out if NFB therapy could help you, please call (262) 251-2929 to speak with one of our practitioners for a free phone consultation. You can also come and attend our NFB seminars that are held once a month or make an appointment to have a brain map.

Chronic Pain

By Kristine Stein
BSc, MS in Herbal Medicine & Nutrition,

BCIA Certified Neurofeedback Clinician