Put an End to The Symptoms – Naturally

ADD and ADHD are associated with a loss of focus and concentration frequently accompanied by poor impulse control in children or anxiety in adults. Fortunately, there now exists a technology that can improve these symptoms for the long-term.

Neurofeedback can help create a more balanced brain

Neurofeedback training can help correct the source of many of these symptoms – the brain itself. The training is all-natural and is designed to help the brain learn to be more balanced. ADHD and ADD can be associated with an imbalance of underlying brainwave generation.

For example, a loss of focus is typically the result of an excess of Delta brain waves. Neurofeedback can improve the balance of these brainwaves, helping the brain to be calmer, more focused and efficient when processing visual or auditory inputs.

Neurofeedback is a natural process, using your brains own learning ability to help it to function in a more efficient, healthier manner.

One Parent Shares:

“My son just finished neurofeedback treatment at Total Health Neurofeedback. Initially, we were skeptical, but desperate enough to try just about anything, and I’m so glad we did!  My son went from wild hyperactivity along with meltdowns over nearly anything, to being calm and no more meltdowns.

Instead of being completely impulsive, he is now able to think about his behavior and consequences. Would definitely recommend!” Rhonda M

How does neurofeedback training work?

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike?  Over time, with repetition and practice, you learned how to stay balanced, and could ride safely in all types of conditions. This learning process is known as “operant conditioning”.

The feedback portion of our training works much the same way. Over time, neurofeedback training helps your brain to create new, more balanced neural pathways that can result in a decrease or in some cases, a complete elimination of the ADD or ADHD symptoms.

The results are long-lasting

As with any new skill, as you practice, you continue to improve. The neural pathways your brain develops with neurofeedback are permanent, allowing you or your child to access them long after your last session is complete, for school, sports, or any other activity. These new pathways are the key to better, more efficient cognitive functions and calmer, more in-control behavior.

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