Put an End to The Symptoms – Naturally

Can you imagine life without the loss of focus and concentration associated with ADD? Or, no more outbursts, fidgeting, and the lack of impulse control that can come with ADHD?

Neurofeedback can help create a more balanced brain

Neurofeedback training can help correct the source of these symptoms – the brain. The training is natural and designed to help the brain learn to become more balanced. ADHD and ADD can be associated with an imbalance of Delta brain waves.

Delta brain waves are usually more dominant when the brain is asleep rather than awake and aware. Improving the balance of these brainwaves can help the brain work more efficiently. Better brain balance means better focus, concentration, memory, and mood control.

Neurofeedback is a natural process, using your brains own learning ability to teach it to function in a more efficient, healthier manner.

How does neurofeedback training work?

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike?  Over time, with repetition and practice, you learned how to stay balanced, and could ride safely in all types of conditions. The feedback portion of our training works much the same way, only it is painless, and can be done by anyone, regardless of physical coordination.  It actually creates new, more balanced neural pathways that can result in a decrease or in some cases, a complete elimination of the ADD or ADHD symptoms.

Are there any studies that support this approach?

Absolutely. A recent study published in Clinical EEG Neuroscience found that neurofeedback was both effective and specific when used for patients with ADHD symptoms (Source). For more articles, visit the ISNR link on our research page.

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