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At Total Health Neurofeedback, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care available. That`s why we have two BCIA certified practitioners in charge of our neurofeedback program. Both share a passion for helping our patients using our state-of -the art systems, designed to improve your brain health using a natural, long term approach.


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What is the best multi-vitamin/mineral supplement to take?Many multi-vitamin/mineral products on the market are synthetic, which means they are isolated, fractionated nutrients that are dead. Synthetic vitamin/mineral products are derived from a non-living substance in a lab. We recommend live, whole food multi-vitamin/minerals. These vitamins are derived from real food and put into a pill form.Even though synthetic vitamins are a direct molecular match to what your body uses as nutrients, it is missing the enzymes and other co-factors found in real food. When you consume a synthetic vitamin, your body views it as an unrecognizable substance. This is definitely not the way nature intended it to be. In order to metabolize a synthetic vitamin, the body will sacrifice its own enzymes and nutrient co-factors that are not present in the synthetic product. This means that the synthetic vitamin is actually causing other deficiencies and is counterproductive to take in the long run. Because whole food vitamins already contain all the substances that real food contains, the body doesn't have to give anything up in order to metabolize it. This, of course, makes the whole food vitamin and mineral products we offer at Total Health a clear winner. ... See MoreSee Less
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We have more food allergies now more than ever. But why? www.totalhealthinc.com/Resources/Articles/SecretFoodSensitivitiesHealingRootCausesWe can help! Call us for a free phone consultation: 262-251-2929. ... See MoreSee Less
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